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Dust allergies are among the most common in American adults, and indoor dust is impossible to avoid. It’s generated by the everyday processes of living and time passing. While you can’t prevent dust, you can control dust and improve your indoor air quality. Follow these practices to breathe easy in your Palm Beach County home.

  • Keep your humidity balanced. While it’s tempting to pull all the Florida humidity out of your indoor air, very dry air contributes to the degradation of clothing, wood, upholstery, and carpet fibers, which all contribute to the formation of dust volume.
  • Clean your home every week. Use damp cloths and electrostatic dusters to make sure that you capture dust instead of just stirring it up.
  • Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter. Many vacuums don’t do well at capturing particles that are extremely small in size. A HEPA filtration system will catch a majority of very small particles, ranging from dust mite degrees to bacteria.
  • Make sure your air filter is clean. A clogged air filter stifles airflow through your HVAC system, which can put strain on the components and cause a breakdown.
  • Organize your home. Clutter provides lots of places for dust to build up, and if you have to root through clutter to find something, you’ll stir that dust up. Having everything in its place makes things easier to find and easier to clean.
  • Ensure that your home is well ventilated. Bringing in fresh air and sending out stale air can improve your indoor air quality and move dust out.
  • Consider a whole-house air cleaner. Whether it’s a HEPA filtration device or an electrostatic air cleaner, catching the dust that circulates in your home will reduce the amount of it available to inhale.

NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating is proud to help homeowners in Palm Beach County and surrounding communities breathe easier indoors. Contact us with any questions about your indoor air quality!